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Meet Felicia {NAMIRU}

A Licensed Medical Aesthetician/Phlebotomist/Laser Technician

25+ years Certified in Beauty, Health & Ministry

Saint Louis, MO / Houston Texas

My Story Below

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Your Esthetician's Story 

What a Little Makeup Can Do!

Custom Clinical Skincare & Natural Pure Mineral Makeup

"A company with Christian Excellence, Elegance, Esthetic Beauty, Style, Passion and Compassion for its Patients on a mission to Heal and Evangelize the Skincare and Cosmetics Industry!"

Thank you for visiting our site. I am a Licensed National Medical Aesthetician, Make-Up Artist, Phlebotomist and my childhood calling finally a Minister of the Gospel. I designed a cosmetics line for women with many skin concerns. I think that's All of us. I have spent countless years working on this project. I came up with the idea of Custom Blending through doing makeovers. I was a manager at Sephora and found it fun to mix different brands together to create your own Signature! We are women of many shades, and lets be realistic there is not a perfect shade unless you blend it yourself, even on the fairest skin. I found, by the time I applied moisturizer, various types of primers, tinted moisturizer, color adjusters, concealers, liquid foundation, cream foundation, pressed powder, loose powder, bronzers, luminizer setting sprays, on and on...

It was just too much! Many of these products, have chemicals that clog your pores and cause breakouts. I love women to look and feel great. It's a good day when you have on the right outfit and makeup. My 3 S' Theory... Signature-Skin-Simplicity. Create a Signature Look, Start with clean Skin, Apply makeup Simply saving time and money. So here we are, Custom Clinical Skincare and Makeup made for YOU!

The Name

I took a missions trip to Kenya Africa in 2013 and 2014 with my church in Houston Texas. I was asked to teach the African people. As I stood with an interpreter, I introduced myself as Sister Felicia. The interpreter said "This is NAMIRU!" Everyone began to smile and clap. I thought what did I do? He looked at me and said "This is your new name,

"NAMIRU" it means; Daughter from this Land (Africa)". You see I had the concept, yet not the name. As I meditated on the name, 

I thought...We all were created by God from the earth, so we are simply applying our own DNA the EARTH on our skin! Get it? 

"We ALL are DAUGHTERS from this LAND!" No matter what color you are. What a great honor! God gave me a new name and the name for the cosmetics! NAMiRU! "Designed by Me, Created by God!"


NAMiRU Custom Vegan Minerals, for all women! Minerals are blended together to create YOUR PERFECT SHADE. It's simple and fun! Vegan Makeup, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, No Chemicals, Synthetics, Preservatives, Dyes or Talc, and No animal Testing. 

The makeup feels like silk! You can barely feel it, yet it's buildable, to get full coverage if that's your preference. 17 Beautiful Pre- Blended Shades. One will match your skin tone, yet I have found that some women like to switch up their look. No problem, we will Custom Blend and test your shade right before your eyes! We can Custom Blend Mineral Textures also. If you want a liquid, cream, or BB Cream. 

Currently there is one location in St. Louis MO. We schedule your private session by appointment. It's an elegant esthetic clinic, a place to come to get One on One attention. We do group sessions, skincare and makeup classes.

This is a Unique Concept! One on One private time with you, a private scheduled session. We would love the opportunity to create your dream face. Clinical Skincare for problematic skin, custom made for your skin's concerns. Mineral Make-Up is nothing new. Women have been using minerals for centuries, before Christ. Cleopatra used minerals. NAMiRU Minerals are Handcrafted. Designed by a passionate Aesthetician, who has studied skin and makeup, with concerns for the women of today. The Aesthetician LLC Clinical Skincare and "NAMiRU" Mineral Makeup, Created by GOD, made with Healing and LOVE.


NAMiRU Custom Vegan Healthy Mineral Make-Up

There's a shade for you!

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